Making Sense of the EU Taxonomy

Meet ENGAGE Project Coordinator, Marco Angheben, as he explains how ENGAGE is at the forefront of facilitating green initiatives by making it easier for lenders and investors to contribute to energy efficiency and climate objectives under the European Green Deal.

Changing the Way EU Housing Stock is Used

With record global average temperatures reached in the summer of 2023, Woonnu CIO Hendrik-Jan Luikinga explains why it’s more important than ever to become involved in the ENGAGE initiative.

GDPR as a Tool to Facilitate Data Flow

DEXAI Co-Founder, Federico Sartore, shares his insights on how ENGAGE is leveraging the GDPR as a tool to foster the free flow of credit and climate related data whilst preserving a high level of data protection for EU citizens.

Bridging the Sustainable Finance Gap

Catia Alves, Director of Sustainability & Rehabilitation at UCI , sheds light on how the ENGAGE collboration will help bridge the gap between borrowers and the various sustainable finance stakeholders.


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