The ENGAGE Portal: A Sneak Peak of What’s in Store for European Lending Institutions

The ENGAGE Portal aims to help lending institutions comply with sustainable finance disclosure reporting and to assess and manage climate-related risks relating to mortgages and home renovation loans.  In doing so, the ENGAGE Portal seeks to enhance transparency regarding the sustainability degree of financial products to stimulate sustainable investments.

To achieve this objective, the ENGAGE Portal will operationalise the already developed ENGAGE Templates, containing data elements allowing users to disclose the alignment of mortgages with the EU Taxonomy requirements in line with the Substantial Contribution Criteria of the Climate Delegated Act for the economic activities of construction, acquisition, and ownership of real estate. The ENGAGE Templates will be integrated in the ENGAGE Portal together with a specific data quality framework that revolves around three axes:
  1. completeness;
  2. consistency;
  3. timeliness.
The framework will enable the verification of the quality of the information provided by lending institutions through the ENGAGE Templates, identifying potential data quality issues, and allowing users to rectify these issues. Interested European banks and lending institutions should get in contact with the ENGAGE Project Coordination Team to schedule a short demonstration of the ENGAGE Templates, or request to download the Templates here.

Leveraging Proven Securitisation Disclosure Technologies for a Greener Europe

Lending Institutions will be able to upload, validate, and manage data relating to mortgages and home renovation loans in the ENGAGE Portal in compliance with specific reporting obligations.


The ENGAGE Portal will leverage the technological expertise and established IT infrastructure offered by Consortium partners European DataWarehouse and Hypoport, who aim to release the Portal beta testing in 2024.

Two Consortium pilots Unión de Créditos Inmobiliarios and Woonnu will be the first lending institutions to compile the ENGAGE Templates and test the ENGAGE Portal.

All European banks and lending institutions are encouraged to register as Test Users of the ENGAGE solution free of charge until October 2025 following the simple steps below:

  1. Request the ENGAGE Templates through the following link:
  2. Set up a 30-minute one-to-one demo with the ENGAGE Team (upon request)
  3. Sign the ENGAGE agreement to submit the sample data.
  4. Submit your ENGAGE Templates (mortgage sample file) into the ENGAGE Portal.
  5. Receive the ENGAGE report on EU Taxonomy compliance.


For more information, contact the initiative coordinator at:

Unlocking EU Taxonomy Alignment: The ENGAGE Templates Webinar Series

The ENGAGE Consortium is conducting a series of webinars, which will explore the nuances of the ENGAGE Templates and how they will help lending institutions identify the relevant climate-related data to align their mortgages and home renovation loans with the EU Taxonomy.

Please click on one of the links below to register or hit the button below to register for both remaining webinars. To view the slides and recordings of the completed webinars click here.